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Hi there! I'm Essea, a digital marketing specialist with over two years of experience in the field. I started my journey as a content writer, building a blog with a dedicated following of 10,000. Since then, I've helped more than 40 entrepreneurs, authors, leaders, ministers, real estate professionals, and coaches achieve their business goals through social media marketing, project management, and all things digital.

I now own a successful marketing agency, leading a team of creative and talented individuals who share my passion for making a difference in the digital world.

My Services:

  • Content Writing: I craft compelling narratives that resonate with your audience and drive engagement.
  • Social Media Management: I optimize your social media channels, handling posting, scheduling, and engaging with your followers.
  • Social Media Profile Optimization: I create visually appealing banners, cover photos, profile pictures, and brand boards that enhance your social media identity.
  • Lead Generation: I employ strategic techniques such as cold emails, direct engagement, and messaging to generate valuable leads for your business.
  • Strategic Content Creation: I create eye-catching graphics, engaging content, and captivating captions to help your brand stand out.
  • Competitor Research: I conduct thorough research on your competitors to give you a competitive edge and refine your digital marketing strategies.
  • Graphic Design & Branding Identity: I ensure your visual assets are cohesive, professional, and aligned with your brand's message.
  • Video and Audio Editing: I transform your content into captivating visual stories for various platforms, tailored for maximum impact.
  • User-Generated Content (UGC): I harness the power of authentic user-generated content to engage your audience and build trust in your brand.
  • Virtual Admin Tasks: I provide reliable virtual assistance, managing calendars, organizing data, and handling administrative tasks.
  • Ads Management: I specialize in managing ads on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, and TikTok to drive targeted traffic and conversions.

Let's Collaborate: Ready to make a significant impact in the digital realm? Collaborate with me, and together we can create compelling content, develop effective strategies, and achieve your business goals.

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what they say about me


Film Production Company

Ohio, USA

"The team is doing great work in administrative tasks, which I am seeing as you guys have done efficiently. Also, in managing the project, you, Essea, are outstanding. You guys are hardworkers."

Aubrhie Cindyrelle

Entrepreneur. Interior Decorator.


"I'm glad that I came across her company. Essea is creative, professional and really fun to work with. She provides different suggestions for the improvement of our videos. She makes the best reels! She has the power to turn boring and ordinary clips to an interesting and fun reel. Can't wait to work with her again soon."

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Launch Booster Package

  • Duration: 60-minute consultation call
  • Comprehensive analysis of your current operations and marketing strategies
  • Tailored recommendations for optimizing your operations and marketing efforts
  • Creative brainstorming session to uncover innovative strategies
  • Follow-up email summarizing key points discussed during the call


Growth Accelerator Package

  • Duration: Two 60-minute consultation calls
  • In-depth assessment of your operations and marketing strategies
  • Customized growth roadmap with actionable steps and timelines
  • Strategic guidance on branding, content creation, and campaign optimization
  • Ongoing email support for two weeks following the calls



Transformational Overhaul Package

  • Duration: Three 60-minute consultation calls
  • Extensive analysis of your operations and marketing strategies
  • Development of a comprehensive transformation plan for your business
  • In-depth guidance on strategic repositioning, market expansion, and customer acquisition
  • Hands-on assistance in crafting compelling messaging and visuals
  • Unlimited email support for one month following the calls



Customized Consulting Package:

  • Duration: Tailored to your specific needs
  • Personalized consulting sessions based on your unique challenges and goals
  • Customized strategies and recommendations across operations, marketing, and creative areas
  • Flexible number of consultation calls and ongoing support
  • Pricing determined based on scope and requirements


All consultation packages include pre-call assessment questionnaires to ensure the most productive use of our time together.

Let's schedule a consultation call and unlock the full potential of your business. Reach out to me to discuss your specific requirements and choose the package that best suits your needs.

Together, we'll take your operations, marketing, and creative strategies to new heights of success.

Book an introductory call for only $19 for 30 min!

Schedule here!




Bundles without Voiceover

2 UGC Videos + 1 Photos ₱ 3,500

3 UGC Videos + 2 Photos ₱ 5,000

5 Videos + 4 Photos ₱ 7,000

With Voice over - 500 pesos/video


Starters (for Monthly)

5 Videos ₱ 10,000

8 Videos ₱ 15,000

12 Videos ₱ 20,000


Brand research, script writing, royalty-free music, 5-7 days turnaround, 2 revisions, advanced editing & 2 hooks, 1 body, 2 CTA, Voiceover

Usage Rights for Paid Ads

3-6 months: +25% per month of the base rate.

Annual: +40% of the base rate.


UGC Photography

3 UGC Photos ₱ 1,500

5 UGC Photos ₱ 2,000

10 UGC Photos ₱ 4,000

Product Photography

3 Photos ₱ 2,000

5 Photos ₱ 4,000

15-60 sec, 1 revision, & 45 days usage rights

Add ons: Additional Hooks and Voiceover, Revision

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